Safeguarding Your Money During the Holidays


With all the holiday hoopla sometimes we forget that it’s super important to remain vigilant about safeguarding our money. Here are a few tips to avoid scams, make informed decisions, and protect valuables:

  1. Never leave your purse unattended while shopping, even if it’s within your view. Wear a cross body bag for hands-free shopping and keep the bag in front of you as opposed to behind your back. Or if you prefer to travel light, you can use a money belt¬†instead.
  2. Be careful opening your purse or wallet in public. Do so discretely so people cannot view the contents inside.
  3. Donate to charitable organizations that you recognize.
  4. When paying by cash, clearly identify large bills to eliminate mix ups between large bills and small bills (i.e. a $50 and a $5).
  5. Beware of scam retail websites. Some of these sites look like legitimate retailers selling hot products but the real intent is to trick shoppers into providing financial information or installing harmful code to their computer. You might be able to gather some background information by doing a web search on the business in question, but if you’re really unsure, resist the temptation to shop there and stick with websites you know and trust.
  6. Inspect ATM machines for anything that looks suspicious or like tampering before inserting your card.
  7. Keep all bags and packages out of sight by storing them in the trunk of your car or under the seats.
  8. Last but not least, don’t get swept away in the holiday shopping hype. That’s a surefire way to experience what’s known as buyer’s remorse. Relax, take your time, ask questions, and comparison shop.

Enjoy your holiday- we hope the deals you find put smiles on the faces of those who will receive them!

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